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need advice!


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I didnt get in anywhere (well one place unfunded) so I am going to reapply. I am wondering if you guys can give me app strengthening pointers. I applied to environmental engineering programs for PhD. My undergrad degree is in environmental engineering from a liberal arts private school kind of unknown outside of here. My over all gpa is a 3.44 and I think my major gpa is around the same. I have research experience but nothing related to engineering. My gre scores are 760q, 640v and 5.0w. I guess the 760 may be a little low for engineering but I dont know how feel about retaking it. Right now I guess I will try and find a job related to my field (in this economy!) and take over some classes I did not do so well in as an undergrad and hope the 2010 cycle will be better! Do you have any pointers? Are there any people here that have applied multiple times?

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this is my second time applying.

i didnt do much in the way of improving my apps the second time around aside from trying to improve my SOP. instead i just applied to many more schools, and a broader range of schools. if i dont get in this time, then i'll possibly go back this summer and take a couple of independent study courses. hopefully that will secure some stronger LORs for me.

i'll also try and see if i can get some research experience, but i've been told by professors its difficult to do without currently being enrolled anywhere.

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I haven't applied many times [actually, about a little more than a week ago I was seriously considering begining the application proess for 2010-2011 already] but I was rejected from a few good places.

My advice? Ask the chairpersons of the programs to which you applied [& denied you entrace] exactly why you were rejected. Remember [as many had pointed out on previous occasions] we paid these universities to scour over our submissions & let us know if they're interested in us or not. This is a service, plain & simple. And, more importantly, their end of the bargain need not end with a simple decision of 'yay' or 'nay.'

Getting the 'why's straight from the horses' mouths will do you the absolute most justice, IMHO. Have them explain [or at least outline] the avenue that brought them to denying your application. Use this information to apply to these programs again


to apply to programs new to you [with a now heavy-hitter-type application].

Best to you lostandconfused.

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What field are you in? And yah I am finding the same difficulty in getting research experience. Are you working currently. I am gonna graduate in 5 weeks and if I dont get into grad school the prospect of job hunting seems frightening!

i'm in math/applied math.

i currently only work part time in math education (while living with the parents), but in the event of all rejections i was planning on getting a full time job immediately afterwards. now i'm thinking i may take a few independent study courses over the summer and then get a job after that. i know that i cant continue to work only part time for a whole nother year, but i also know i simply can't just reapply next year without adding something to my applications. so spending the summer on improving my apps through independent study, and then basically taking whatever the hell job i can possibly get in this economy until the following school year begins will probably be my plan.

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