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Geography Dissertation Ideas


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I'm going into my third and final year and so I need to choose my dissertation topic. I am completely stuck on what to choose... :-( I have a passion for the coastal aspect of things - I wondered if anyone could help me with topic ideas on what to do involving coasts?

Such as the topics of long shore drift and sand dunes I am also interested in  conservation (to do with zoo's) and was wondering if anyone could assist me on what I could do involving these? Your help would be hugely appreciated :-) x Thank you

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"Coastal aspect of things" is HUGELY broad; it could encompass anything from a field/lab sampling study, ecology/biology, human geography/coastal populations, sea level rise, physical oceanic processes, etc. Also area of study is wide open (e.g. east coast, west coast, rocky shore or wetland, abroad...single site or multiple sites?). I agree, you need in-house guidance on this, tailored to your interests, the expertise of your advisor and committee members, and with appropriate background/courses particularly if RS processing or labwork is required, in order to produce something truly novel.

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