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To my dearest peers: An Introduction and Invitation


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An Introduction





My name is Jonathan, and I'm currently pursing my PhD in Literacy, with an emphasis on reading and writing in higher education. In other words, my entire academic career is focused on a single, overarching question: How can the difficulties of reading and writing in higher education (primarily graduate school) be demystified? Paired with my PhD work, my primary occupation is as a consultant to graduate students (to help with reading and writing in their disciplines) and faculty as to how they might teach reading and writing in their courses. I've done this for approximately 5 years.
I am thrilled to see such an amazing community here. I look forward to posting here, detailing my own struggles and helping others with theirs. 
An Invitation
Given my research and experience, I feel like I have valuable knowledge to contribute to graduate students, both new and veteran students. I've created The Tao of Graduate School, a blog with the goal of demystifying much of graduate student life, based on my experience of teaching advanced reading and writing and the current research in literacy. In other words, the Tao seeks to show the way of reading, writing, and thriving in graduate school. I hope that The Tao of Graduate School can help all of you on your respective journeys.
Again, a huge thanks to all of you for already creating such an amazing community! I look forward to our conversations. 
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