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Low UG GPA - can I take classes to become more competitive? How do I do it?


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Hi all,


I have been trying to find info about this online but its been hard to pick through all the noise. 


My undergrad GPA was mediocre, at 2.99. I graduated from UNC Wilmington with my BS in Marine Biology. I have considered taking extra classes to become more competitive, but how do I do this granted that I have already graduated and my GPA is set? 

Can I take upper-level/grad-level classes? 


Incidentally, can anyone recommend a university that is conducive to online/distance-learning biology classes that would look good on my CV?


I would really appreciate any input or advice! 


Thanks in advance :)

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Bit of a tricky situation for a few reasons.  Schools might only look at classes that made up your degree, so your GPA would stay the same.  Second though, once you have a degree, you have quite a few credits as is and it will be difficult to change your gpa.  Changing your gpa at this point would require very high grades (to get the most pull) and would be an expensive remedy both financially and time wise.


The only reason I would consider this option in your case, is for aesthetics, to try and get that 2.99 to a 3.00.


If you plan on taking courses in a different school, that won't result in your degree gpa being changed.  You should also be weary to take courses you have already completed at a different school.




I think the best advise would be to focus on other aspects of your application, your gre scores, letters of reference, research experience, etc.  

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