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  1. I have a mediocre GPA (hovering right at 2.99, although higher in last two years, and 3.5 in my major) and I will be applying to grad schools for a MS degree in biology, ecology, marine biology, or evolutionary biology. I know that the subject GRE in Biology is not required - but would it be beneficial for me to take to kind of make up for a low GPA? I would only be interested in taking it if it would actually bolster my competitiveness (and I think I could do well on it). Any info would be much appreciated! Thanks
  2. Hi all, I have been trying to find info about this online but its been hard to pick through all the noise. My undergrad GPA was mediocre, at 2.99. I graduated from UNC Wilmington with my BS in Marine Biology. I have considered taking extra classes to become more competitive, but how do I do this granted that I have already graduated and my GPA is set? Can I take upper-level/grad-level classes? Incidentally, can anyone recommend a university that is conducive to online/distance-learning biology classes that would look good on my CV? I would really appreciate any input or ad
  3. Oh my goodness, thank you so much for both of your replies! I somehow did not get notifications for them and just now stumbled upon my own post. I will look into all of these opportunities! Thanks again.
  4. Hey guys, just read through this thread and found it fascinating. One poster advocating that an MS degree is useless - while I, for the most part, have always been under the impression that you choose to do an MS first (en route to a PhD) if you are relatively unsure of your ultimate intended research area. One professor put it to me this way: that working for a PhD is like working exclusively on a tiny pixel of the whole biology picture, and that determines your career for the rest of your life. Pretty intimidating... I have A LOT of questions about grad school in general, however I'd like
  5. Hi all, this is my first post so I am hoping to get some good advice and realistic feedback. First off, I struggled through college (mostly in the beginning) thanks to some issues of severe depression and anxiety. Unfortunately, my GPA has suffered and although I managed good grades in the last two years, it averages out to a very underwhelming 2.99 (I also did a semester abroad, which with the pass/fail ranking did not help nudge my GPA up). *As a side note...does 2.99 round up to 3.0 or am I stuck at <3.0, which seems to be the cutoff for many schools even accepting applications*
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