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Public Policy (Berkeley) vrs. Planning (MIT)

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I've posted this topic in both the Planning & Government sections, but have yet to get a response.

I've been admitted into GSPP & MIT's International Development Group (City & Regional Planning). Do you policy wonks see any reason why not to go to MIT? My one concern is that the economic policy analysis components are weaker there than Berkeley's well-known Micro-Macro-Econometrics sequence-- but I also know that the department has cross-registration in MIT's econ department...

Any advice would be very very helpful-- this is a fortunate choice, but a toughy. Might come down to the price tag.

Thanks so much!

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Out of curiosity (because I forget whether you wrote this in the posts on other boards)--what are you hoping to do with the MCP?

My SO is similarly scrutinizing programs and we were looking at Planetizen's pamphlet, which led me at least to question/wonder about the "international" rigor of the MCP, whereas other programs seem to do better in that regard (Berkeley's MPP program may not be as helpful aspect, either). Although I will say that the stats for grads from MIT's program seem to be less regionally placed than Berkeley's.

As far as economics go, I would investigate your options for cross-registering absolutely. My impression of MIT's policy analysis courses and urban economics are that they are useful for planning careers in particular; whereas Berkeley's courses might be useful in policy positions and also applicable to a planning career. On the other hand, for people not "in the know" about the DUSP, I have to wonder if MIT doesn't just have a helpful aura of mathematical rigor :D

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Thanks guys.

Ballesteritos: So what limitations do you see IDG's lack of quant. giving you. Couldn't you register for quant. classes in Kennedy & MIT? What about the program overall?

Rose: My interests are Regional Economic Development, Infrastructure Planning, & Entrepreneurship in the developing world. Public Policy & International Planning equally address these areas. The professors are mainly Economists, Political Economy, & Regional Scientists, but oddly enough core requirements don't seem to reflect that. But for reasons of Int'l exposure, and a self-designed program, I think MIT is the winning ticket. I also got in to SAIS, NYU Wagner, waitlisted at Jeff Sachs' new MPA-DP program... but I see Berkeley & MIT as either more flexible or better connected than all of those.


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On the note of MIT's City Planning Department - I'm really in love with it but I'm worried I don't have the GRE scores to apply (M 640, V580, Writing 4). I have a 3.9 GPA, and a strong resume, but I've been told I don't stand a chance. Thoughts? What were your GREs/GPA?

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