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Wanting to apply for MA/MS Speech-Language Pathology, but...


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I'm actually planning to go to grad school, maybe 3-5 years from now (cause I need to prepare financially, and to get all the experience I need), and I've just started looking for possible universities to attend. I have a Bachelor's in Speech Pathology, which I didn't obtain from a university in the US. Upon looking at the minimum grad school requirements, not gonna lie, i was disheartened. This is, again, about the 3.0 GPA minimum. I tried converting my grade into US GPA, and I only got a 2.98 overall if I remember it right (though I was advised lately that the schools are usually the ones doing the conversion/interpretation of grades, since I came from a country that has a different grading system, and a different academic system, for that matter). 


Do you think I still stand a chance? Is there still anything I can do to get into the program/s? I mean, this is all I've ever wanted. My parents sort of indirectly offered to fund my education for med school before, and I turned it down cause, well, this is what I want. However, it seems that I've had really bad luck.

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AspirantPH, if you have a strong credentials in other areas such as research, letters of recommendation, and GRE scores, those can make up for a low GPA.  You may also consider retaking some courses. First , you have the potential to raise your GPA.  Secondly, it can help you gauge how the content you learned at your home university compares with what is expected at an American university.


Since you are not planning to go to school for another 3-5 years, you have some time prepare for those applications.


There is also an entire discussion forum for Speech-Language Pathology.  You may find better answers and people in similar situations over there.


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