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In-Field vs. Out-of-Field Spring 2014 Appalachian State

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So I was planning on applying to Appalachian State's Master's program for Spring 2014. I'm technically an out-of-field applicant as I hold an undergrad degree in Psychology, but I have taken all pre-req classes offered at UNCG. ASU says they accept in the Spring per below:


"A smaller number of spaces (usually 10 to 12) are reserved for in-field students each year for Spring entry"


Does this mean my application will not be considered since a do not have a degree in CSD? Should I even bother applying?


Freaking out a bit :unsure:

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You should email them to ask and hope that they will reply. I emailed them more than 2 weeks ago to ask about the program as I am interested in applying for Fall 2014, but they haven't emailed me back. But you should probably try and ask them directly. :)    

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