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Which website(s) to use for worldwide national debt graphs and stats?


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Hi. I hope this is the right forums section for my questions. I'd like a good website or two to pull data about national debt for different countries around the world, ideally with stats and graphs that date back to the 1940s or so; and ideally, a website that helps by providing the popular indexes or so, for the non-specialized. To give you an example of what I'm trying to find, I tried the following link:
And I saw the following links or options: Quarterly Public Sector Debt, Joint External Debt Hub, Quarterly External Debt Statistics/SDDS, Quarterly External Debt Statistics/GDDS, International Debt Statistics. I choose the International Debt Statistics. Then, I chose a specific Country, and Time (years), which are the easy parts; but for the Series, there are so many, and I don't know which one(s) to use. I don't want anything too complicated, maybe just 3 series that indicate the most popular figure used for total external national debt for that country, and a couple more series that are good indicators for the performance of that country economically from a debt perspective (series that put in mind the size of the country, its population, GDP, and so on, and not just look at the size of the debt without looking at other important figures).
Many thanks for anyone taking the time to help.
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