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Demonstrating Quantitative Ability

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I am applying to MA programs in Middle Eastern Studies, one of which is at the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins. Their site notes that they prefer applicants who have completed economics coursework, or have at least some kind of quantitative background. As their admissions office put it: 


"We do look for quantitative ability when evaluating applicants. This means we look at course work (Econ, Biology, Statistics, Physics, Calculus, etc.) as well as GRE or GMAT scores. If you do not have any quantitative course work and do not have strong GRE or GMAT scores, then I would recommend you try to take a course now so we can see you have the quantitative ability."


My GRE quant score (159) was pretty solid compared to their average range (154-161). And I took Calc I and Stat I and got AP credit for a lab Bio at my undergrad, but these were just introductory classes. What I am wondering is if these classes plus my score are enough to demonstrate the quantitative ability their looking for. I could try and squeeze in an online course or something before deadlines, but I am hoping that's not necessary.


Has anyone here dealt with a similar situation? Or any SAIS students who know first-hand? What background did you have when you were accepted?


Thanks for the help!


PS - I understand this question is pretty specific to my field, so if this might fit better in the Interdisciplinary Studies forum, let me know! Still getting used to things here, appreciate the help!

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It's difficult to determine exactly what they want - but if your GRE quant score falls within their averages and you've taken calc I and stats I as well as bio (1/2 the courses they listed), then you should probably be fine.

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