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Tranfering to a different school


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I need some advice...

I am a Graduate student in the Humanities with a GTA. I have an MA from Europe and just started my second MA in the US and latter PhD.

I already told the University that accepted me that I want to do a PhD. But, now I want to go to a different school for various reasons.

Should I transfer or wait to finish my MA and apply to other schools for a PhD?

I heard that its not a good idea to transfer and that I should wait to finish the MA in my current school and then apply for a PhD to a different school.

Also, if I transfer during my MA will I get a GTA?

Can you give me some advice? please!!!

What are your experiences?



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Bring up your ideas with your supervisor and ask for advise.


In part because, if your supervisor suddenly post MA hears you want to switch schools, you need to consider his perspective.  The individual has spent time grooming and preparing you to continue working with them, and now after their investment into you, you head off else where. 


If you are going to switch, I think you should be considerate enough to tell your supervisor so as they can act accordingly.


Otherwise consider carefully why you want to switch, is it first year jitters, the grass is greener on the other side syndrome, or are there legitimately good reasons for such a transition?

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That was really helpful, I should talk to them about it.

But what is so wrong about doing a PhD somewhere else and not were you did your MA? I thought a lot of people do that... i was not aware of the fact that you should not change schools.

I am thinking of changing schools after i finish the MA.

But then I was thinking if it is a good idea in the first place, because if my school does not take it very well how will the new school take it? will they even consider my application?

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Oh there isn't anything wrong with doing your Ph.D elsewhere, but many schools that have a masters and ph.d. program, actually have a masters/ph.d program where there is an expectation you will do your masters there after finishing your ph.d.  If that doesn't happen to be the case, you obviously have no obligation to stay and it should make talking with your supervisor all the more informative :)

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My School has a PhD program but I'm still gonna apply to other schools as well, the current graduates that are finishing their MA are leaving too (work or PhD elsewhere)

Thanks a lot for your advice

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Given that you already have an MA - and assuming that it's in the same or a related field - I think that you can do either, although it would probably be preferable for you to finish your current MA and then apply for PhD programs in your second year.

If your program is a terminal MA (rather than a PhD with an MA component) it's not unusual to apply to other schools in your second year, and I don't think your advisor will necessarily expect you to stay where you are for your PhD unless you've already discussed it.  In fact, your university's PhD program may be very competitive and maybe not even all of the current MA students get in.

It's impossible to tell if you will get a GTA elsewhere if you transfer with an MA, but in the humanities funding is always limited.

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