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GRE Scores for top Electrical Engineering Department


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    I skimmed through the list of answers here http://testprep.about.com/u/ua/thegretest/GRE_Score_User_Answers.04.htm. However, I couldn't find any that matches my circumstances exactly. I would really appreciate if people can let me know my current chance and specifically whether I should retake the GRE or not.


Aim: Electrical engineering departments at Berkeley, Stanford, MIT (which doesn't require it), Carnegie Mellon, CIT, UCLA, Princeton etc.


GPA: 3.9/4


GRE (taken today):  169 Quantitative 157 Verbal AW- expecting to be at least a 4.0, maybe a 4/4.5


Research: a couple, no publication yet, but maybe later in an undergraduate journal. 


Extracurricular: excellent


1 superb recommendation (from research adviser), 1 great recommendation, and 1 good recommendation


Statement of purpose should be good.


Should I consider retaking the GRE next month? I feel like there is a good chance I can raise my verbal score by 5 points, and maybe AW up to 4.5/5 (depending on the topic).


Thanks in advance!

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I imagine GRE profiles at these big schools are like this: http://www.princeton.edu/pub/profile/admission/graduate/

Still, if you come from a major school, with such good GPA, I suppose GRE becomes a minor factor (do they expect undergrads from top schools to always be high test scorers? hmm, that can be the opposite story). Extracurricular activities are usually assumed to be minor anyway, unless there is something really special that shows some of yours personalities that are crucial to research.
P.S.: Why do some people call Caltech CIT?  :rolleyes:
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