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My Official I Hate Blackboard (at least right now) Whine


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I HATE BLACKBOARD.  HATE.  I want to crush blackboard beneath my heels, tar and feather it, boil it, shoot it, and burn it alive. 


I really hate professors who use blackboard eval tools as their ONLY method of evaluation for grading purposes.  Ultimately it is my responsibility to know the information -- but it is the professor or TA's responsibility to word questions appropriately to target the desired information, and enter accurate answers for grading.  


I'm TA'ing a course next semester and the professor wants me to enter in his quizzes and other materials in blackboard for him, as well as field questions on the discussion forum or via email.  I don't mind the last part.  I am going to hate the first part, because entering exams in Bb is an absolutely critical piece for the undergrads taking the class and I don't want the same crap to happen to them as what happens to me with my graduate professors.  


And by the way, Canvas isn't that much better, but it does have some qualities that are nice, such as linking to the assignments straight from the gradebook.  Hopefully the prof I'm TA'ing for will allow me to organize the info in a way that helps the students find what they need instead of sending them on a constant scavenger hunt.  

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