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Recommendations, HELP!


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So, I applied to Phd programs last Fall, did not get accepted. 


Last year my three writers were the 2 main professors in my field at my alma mater and a former classmate who went on to receive his PhD. 


This year, one of the professors enthusiastically said he would write letters again for me, but I haven't heard back from the second professor. I have not contacted my former classmate, because I am hoping to receive a letter from another prestigious professor at my alma mater with whom I took a few classes. I feel a letter from this teacher would carry more weight than my former classmate.


Long story short, I only have one guaranteed writer at the moment! I've started to panic lately, applications are due in three months. I know it's early, but I'm already on the fence about applying this year, and not hearing back from 2 professors is making it harder to decide if I should apply.





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Latte, I would suggest that you give it a few more days and then send another e-mail reminder. It is the beginning of the semester and many professors are very busy at this time. If you do not hear back by the beginning of October, I think that you can contact the professor's assistant (if he or she has one) and politely explain that you would appreciate his or her help with reaching the professor. Usually assistants are very helpful - It has worked for me in the past - good luck.  

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