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For those who are currently in their masters program or have completed...


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I was working for 3 years till I entered my current program. Especially in this field, I think it's wise to take some time to work before pursuing your MSW, though of course everyone brings different levels of experience and various perspectives to the table. I just personally believe the majority of folks benefit more from having that initial work experience and can leverage their time in the program accordingly.

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I think it depends on your reasons for delaying.  If you are feeling burnt out or feeling like your lacking experience, waiting is a wise choice. That way you can buff up your experience/get some rest/work on other weak points in your application (if you have them) like gpa/earn some money to pay for it.

However, if your experience and grades are strong and you feel like you have the maturity and energy to enter a graduate program, no need to delay.  It is truly a personal choice. Don't push it if you don't feel ready but don't delay it if all you need is a little more information.  

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I did not take any time off.  I went straight in after getting my BASW.  I'm still unsure of whether or not that was a wise choice, LOL.  On one hand, I did it because I don't think I would be able to continue if I took a break, started working and getting used to that income (and all the added responsibilities that come with more money) then having to quit and go back to a student salary.  At this point, I'm used to it.  Plus, I'm 27 years old...I just want to be DONE so I can start my career, and there are so many more opportunities for MSW's than BASW's.  On the other hand, I feel like I can't fully get in the game yet.  Maybe I'm burnt out on school.  I don't know.  I think I'll push through just fine, maybe it's just because it's still new.  It's all a matter of knowing yourself.  Do YOU think you can go another 2-3 years (depending on the program) of exams and papers and a thesis (ugh) and internship?  Or does the thought make you want to curl up and die (dramatic, I know lol)?  There's nothing wrong with taking time off.  If that's what you need to mentally/physically/emotionally prepare for the journey, then it's the smart way to do it!

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