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Which university offers better MS (Master) program?


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Hello. I'm planning to apply to 4~5 MS programs.

I decided to apply to CMU, Stanford, and UCB that are undoubtedly top schools.

However, I have no idea about which schools are better among the listed universities as follows:


- UW

- Cornell

- Princeton

- UT Austin

- Gatech

- Columbia


I think that it depends on my career plan. (Job or Ph.D.)

Since I'm considering both of getting a job and going to Ph.D. program after MS,

I'd like to know their competences in terms of both aspects.

I would also be happy if someone compare top schools CMU, Stanford, and UCB.


Thank you.

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I really suggest you just browse through the schools faculty. I don't think there is much difference in quality or reputation. In the end grad school is what you make out of it


I would never apply to a school where there is not at least one professor that I find interesting. Most of them have really nice websites with a lot of infos on what they do. As you said you are considering a Ph.D., this seems even more relevant.

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CS programs are ranked according to the research they produce, so those rankings are not the best source when looking at MS programs (or even PhD programs). If you are interested in potentially going for a PhD afterward, make sure there is a research component, or at least a research option, in the Masters program you apply for.


In my experience, the quality of MS programs varies dramatically, even among top schools. Stanford, for instance, treats the MS students more as 5th year undergrads than grad students (indeed, about half of the MSCS students there are 5th year undergrads). The best MS programs I've found are Berkeley, Princeton, and CMU Robotics. These are also extremely hard to get into, especially Berkeley (which I think takes only 1-2 MS students each year).

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