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What are my chances?


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I had originally hoped to apply to doctoral programs, but I'm becoming more and more discouraged.



BA from U Florida in Women's Studies GPA 3.14

Second BA from Florida Atlantic in Psychology (current GPA 3.51, psych GPA 3.85 - two semesters to go, in the undergrad Honor's Psychology program.


Interested in PTSD and sexual assault, as well as obesity as a deterrent for reporting sexual assault. 


I was supposed to be studying for the GRE all summer and taking it in July, but I wound up in the hospital - so I'm now studying for the GRE, working 30 hours a week, and taking 5 classes.

I'm scoring in the V150, Q150 range for the GRE on practice tests - taking it on October 31.


I have always had to work during undergrad, so I have ZERO extra curricula's, and ZERO research experience - though I will be doing an empirically based honor's thesis in the spring semester (after most doctoral deadlines, and in the middle of M.A deadlines)


I want to teach and do research - I do not want to be a clinician. Do you all think I would be competitive in M.A. programs? I really doubt I'll get into any doctoral programs with my stats. 


Thanks for any advice!

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