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Organized crime?

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I would like to study transnational organized crime in the UK (more specific than that, but that's the shortest version). Does anyone know of organized crime specialists there? I have a couple of potential supervisors, but I'd like to apply to more than 2 schools and I'm running out of people to contact. My degree program would probably be in social policy or public policy, but since the focus is crime related I thought there might be somewhere here that has done work on the subject. 

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I'm glad to hear that there are more people who are interested in organized crime studies. When I entered my MA some years ago, the field was still quite small and niche -- so it became rather easy to make a name for yourself and contribute something new.


To answer your question: look into Frederico Varese at Oxford's Department of Sociology. He's probably regarded as one of the top minds in Organized Crime studies internationally. 

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