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Doctoral scholarships? Really want to avoid loans...


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Right now I am in a doctoral program and I have funding of about 27,000/year. 


This seems like a lot but I have children to support - my partner is currently doing his thesis and his funding JUST ran out. 


Do any of you have any tips on scholarships that either a) support dissertation completion, since my partner is almost done or b)could supplement my package?

I am a US citizen studying in Canada, if that helps. I do not have Canadian permanent residency yet. My partner is a Canadian permanent resident with EU citizenship.


I have done a search on my school's website but the only scholarships that have a deadline coming up are SSHRC, which I am ineligible for.


Any help appreciated. Thanks!

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You are looking for a grant or fellowship, not a scholarship (the latter can only cover tuition). The US federal grants of this sort that I'm aware of (eg NSF DDIG) are limited to students attending US universities. There may be some small private dissertation grants. Again, the ones I know of are limited to US schools, but they tend to be smaller and more specific to school, region, or topic, so there may be some hope. We could maybe help more if you gave us some idea of your field of study. Good luck.



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Does your department or university not provide help with finding appropriate fellowships? What you've said here is very vague and none of us can give you as specific of an advice as your department can. There are many, many funding opportunities out there, but they are field specific and have many intricate eligibility criteria.  

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Any dissertation fellowship you could take would not supplement your fellowship, but likely replace it.  Your school may top you up to a certain amount, but you're unlikely to get much more than $30,000 a year on it. 


All of the dissertation fellowships I know of are for students studying at U.S. institutions.  I agree that you and your partner need to check with the graduate school at the university you attend; usually, they maintain a list or database of these things.

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