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The concentration I want or the one I can get accepted to?


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Hello all,

Simply put, I have extensive coursework in Math and Economics, but little international experience or the perks that go with it (language knowledge, etc.). Thing is though I want to branch out with this degree into using economics on a very practical ground-floor level that will help build communities, rather than focusing on the technical/quant side which I've already done. I want a development program, but I feel like the lack of languages/international exp will hurt my app. Should I go ahead and try for it or focus on more economics-based programs?

Also given my career in the Military, Development would serve me better, which is as important a consideration as any.


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Just apply to IR schools you should be fine, I thinka lot of people I know who I met at the SAIS accpted students open house or who ended up at the GPS program in my school did not necesarily have a language-international background. One thing to keep in mind though is that most IR programs require you to be profiscent in a language at the time of graduation, so you will need to get there, just not now.

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The most interesting piece of advice I've gotten about applying to grad school was this: "You're selling the sizzle, not the steak." In other words, it matters somewhat what you've done, but they really want to know why you're going for this degree. I think your true interest and what you're really curious/passionate about will come out in your application, and admissions will see where your experiences have led you. You'll be happier and feel more focused/involved in this degree if it's what you really want to pursue. Ideally, you also want to get some international and language experience, so talk about that; and if you don't, then you have to maybe go back to the drawing board to question why you want to work in international communities. 

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