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I am going to apply for CS Ph.D programs. Need advise


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Syracuse University M.S. CS  GPA: 3.7/4.0


Working Experience:

2K Games Inc   2 year    Server-side Software Engineer


Academic Experience:

Research Assistants at Syracuse University. 2 year

No paper



Distributed Systems



Top 50 nation, Top 40 CS


GRE: going to retake one


I am going to apply for a 2015 Fall Ph.D program. I am wondering what universities or programs I should look at. It will be appreciated if someone can give me advise. Thanks.

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Apply to the programs that fit your interests.


Look around at the top 40 programs and research their faculty to see what areas they are researching right now and see how that aligns with your personal interests. This is the best way to judge a program and no one person can tell you what programs will fit you best. 



Pursuing a PhD is a huge commitment, so you will want to enjoy not only the program you are attending, but the surrounding location, social life, weather, distance from home, etc, etc. The list goes on. 

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