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Cancelled my test date today


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I decided it would be better to apply to grad school next Fall. I registered for the GRE back in July to take the test late October. I was unsure about applying to grad schools, but I registered for the test nonetheless so I could secure a test date (they fill up FAST!)


I'm a little sad about waiting, but it's a relief. I'm not waiting because of the GRE, there are many reasons why I decided to apply next Fall. But the GRE was a factor. I've only had so much time to study working a full time job. 

I was studying a good amount for awhile, but started to lose steam. I was getting way behind on the quant materials, which is my weak area. 


I took the test last year and bombed it, so I know from personal experience that it takes some time and dedication to score well on this dreadful test!



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Yeah, I took it last year and didn't "bomb" it (although I guess that depends on what you mean by "bomb" anyway), but I didn't score any better than I did four years prior in 2008, even though I studied.  I'm taking it again this year (I never did apply anywhere last year even though I took the test in July), and I expect to do about the same on the GRE, even though I need a 3 to 5 point boost on Verbal if I want a shot at the schools I hope for.  But...I took it in 2008 with a certain score, took in in 2012 and got the same thing.  I have no reason to think I'm going to do better.  

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