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Are MOOCs worthy of being mentioned on SOPs and/or resumes


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Hi Folks,


This is a question that I've been wondering about for a long time, without really being able to form a definite opinion on it.


I've done a handful of MOOCs from Coursera in Python, Stats, Data Science, R, etc.


I'm doing it because of my interests and the general direction in which I want to proceed in my career. 


So should I mention it in my resume or SOP. I know that it cannot and should be replacement for formal education. But is it worth mentioning?

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Nope, wouldn't be worth mentioning explicitly since MOOCs are still not certified, unlike formal university courses. If you learned any skills from those MOOCs, you could list those learned skills under its appropriate section.

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However, you can list those *skills* on your CV under a special section for skills.  There's no need to tell people how you got the skills, but if you know basic Python or intermediate R, that could be important information for a professor (i.e., maybe they want someone in their lab who can analyze large amounts of data in R.)

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