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Fully Funded MA History and Education Programs


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I have been endlessly searching for fully funded masters programs in history and education in the New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts area and have not found much. 


When I graduate with my bachelors degree in history and social sciences with teacher certification, I hope to become a secondary school teacher and then pursue a masters program in the evening. Does anyone have insight into where there are fully funded masters programs in either history or education in the aforementioned region? If not, does anyone know of Ph.D or Ed.D (fully funded since funded Ed.Ds are hard to come by) programs in which I would be able to pursue by taking evening classes while still continuing my job as a teacher?

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A funded MA would not allow you to teach at a high school, generally speaking. Same with Ph.D. programs, as the funding usually requires things like TAing or grading.


Ed.D. programs are often offered on evenings and on a part-time basis, but that's not the case with Ph.D. programs, given that the expectation is that the degree will be your entire life.


I was a high school teacher for a number of years. I simply cannot imagine doing that AND pursuing a Ph.D. in History at the same time. A Ed.D. would be slightly more realistic, but only after having a few years of teaching (and a solid curriculum) under my belt. Even then, it'd be tough... a friend of mine completed a Ph.D. in educational policy while teaching and she basically never slept. And no, it wasn't funded.

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Get a job and teach. In your first year or two of teaching you will probably not have the time or energy to pursue a degree in the evening. If you're teaching, your district may pay for all or part of your graduate school tuition. You're also better off deciding on a grad program once you have some experience in the classroom and on the job market. 

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Thank you for the input. I am planning on going to grad school during my second year of teaching because I know that the first year will be the most time-demanding and require the most acclimating. 


I have had no problem finding Ed.D programs, but, because they are only part-time, I have yet to find one that is fully funded in the region I am interested in attending grad school. I did find one fully funded Ph.D program that only requires students to take two evening classes each semester for six semesters and then the dissertation process, so I have inquired about that but am still waiting to hear back. 


If anyone has further insight into fully funded masters programs in history or education, please let me know.

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