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Hopes for Admission (MS Statistics)

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I'm sorry for another "What are my chances?" topic, but I'm currently in the process of applying to masters programs in statistics and I was wondering if I could get some input on my chances. My profile:


Undergraduate Institution: Top 30 International (according to QS and THE)

Major: Physics

Relevant Course Work: Equivalent of math major (probability, statistics, linear algebra, real analysis, complex analysis, advanced calculus, ODE's, etc.)

GPA: 3.50/4.00 (Cumulative), 3.75/4.00 (Major), 3.66/4.00 (Math)

GRE: 165 Quant, 154 Verbal, 3.5 AW

Research: Nothing major. Honors degree students in Physics are required to do a year long research project for credit. I also did a term project in my regression and analysis of variance course. 

Letters: I'm sure I'll be able to get a couple of good ones, however, they are from the Physics department. One of them will be from a math professor I got along very well with and received two A's in his courses.


Schools I'm applying to: Columbia, Johns Hopkins, Wisconsin-Madison, McGill, Illinois-Urbana Campaign, Chicago, BU


I know I'm aiming high, but do I have a decent shot at any of these schools? Are there other realistic schools that you could recommend I take a look at?  

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