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Help listing neuroengineering schools


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Hey everyone,


I'm currently pursuing my MS in BME and researching in neuroengineering/neuroscience. I  plan on applying for phd programs and just need help sorting through schools. 


Can you please list/suggest some schools that do work in neuroengineering? 



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Dear HKLincoln,


There are several schools that have excellent programs in neural engineering.

For example: Stanford, MIT, Johns Hopkins, UPenn, Duke, Georgia Tech, UCSD, Case Western, ...


These schools also have really good programs in Neuroscience as well. 


I would suggest you go to the website for each of these schools and click on the research areas, and then find faculty that are doing interesting work. You should also talk to your current faculty advisor where you are doing your MS in BME, and ask him/her what they think is a good school for you. They know your work and your grades/etc. and might be better able to find a program/school that fits you. 


Best wishes,


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Hello DV,


Thanks for the reply. Any advice is much appreciated. I do plan on meeting with my PI to discuss but figured it would be nice to walk in with a general list even if it's a large one to start with. 


I noticed that most schools don't have a dedicated NeuroE group/dept but can still have professors that work in that area. Some schools have the freedom to collaborate with neuroscience depts.


For example Yale has a program that allows students to "define" their own program and allow collaborations. It's a young program and isn't quite at the level of MIT and Hopkins.


So I'm also looking for the "hidden gems" so to say.  

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