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Chances for someone from a non-anthro background

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Hello! I've graduated already and am applying to PhD programs in psychological/medical anthropology; my research background was in the neurosciences, so I wonder about my chances. 


Major: bio & psych

GRE: 163 V/161Q 

GRE subject: 91%

Publications: 3 first-authors, in prep; 1 may be submitted before apps are due

Presentations: 5 oral presentations/4 posters at various conferences (one international, two national, etc.)

Years of research experience: 2-3 years

Others: Various research awards and academic honors; graduated cum laude; penned an honors thesis; board member for several campus organizations 


I have no formal training in anthro. I had initially intended to pursue a PhD in psych, but now find that my research interests are better matched by those in anthro and that I would likely benefit more from training in this field. 


Much thanks for the advice!

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I think all will be fine if you can tie in how your previous degree relates to the anthropology degree sought. You have great scores and you're published. Just show the school that you would be a good fit and how your previous degree enhances that fit. If you're really worried take a couple of Anthro courses this year and maybe mention that plan in your statement.

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Ditto! Play up all the ways your experience in Neuroscience would tie into and be useful for your interests in Anthropology. These schools don't expect you or anyone who enters their program, even with an anth background, to know everything on day one - that's why the first 2 - 3 years of these programs includes course work. :)

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I have a similar background in that my first undergrad  was Psychology, and I too found Anthropology to be the field for me. I think it'll be important to elaborate on your interest and attraction to anthro (which I'm sure you will), but as a convert myself I do recommend taking a couple of foundation courses in anthro if you haven't already. I did a second degree in Anthro because I had the time and interest and I wasn't sure what I wanted to study exactly. In my opinion, your chances are good, as Anne00 mentioned, but for the sake of your own growth and development as a future anthro student I think its important to study the theories that inform the research that you are interested in. -Best wishes!

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Much thanks for the advice, folks! I am definitely trying to tie together my past and current interests in the SOPs. I changed the list of schools around a bit because I think I am better fitted for (and therefore stand a better chance at) programs/schools/environments that aremore interdisciplinary. I am also applying to some MA programs as back-up. Good luck to everyone that's applying! 

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