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Advising and how to approach transition into a new PHD program

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Some advice needed:


I am currently in a MA program and would like to apply to a different PhD program at the end of my MA.


My MA program is actually linked to the PhD (and although I only applied for the MA) what they do is after you have passed the MA exams they review and recommend you onto their PHD program.


I applied with the intention to decide later whether I wanted to pursue a PHD here, but now I am almost sure what I want to do is apply here as well as other places because I want to slightly switch the specialization.


My question is, that I don't know how to approach the recommendation process. If I ask the faculty to write recommendations to different schools will they automatically be hesitant to accept me into their program?


Basically I want to have an equal chance of applying elsewhere and being considered here as well.


I am in French now, but for PhD I want to apply to French as well as Comp. Lit programs


What are the politics of being considered for this school as well as others (in the most neutral way possible)?

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No.  I think it's pretty common for students in terminal MA programs to apply to other PhD programs, because there's no guarantee that you'll get into the one in your own department.  It's perfectly normal and no sane faculty member is going to be hesitant to accept you just because you are also applying elsewhere, especially if you communicate with them and make it explicitly clear that you would love to continue into the PhD program there and it is your top choice.

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