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Asking boss for LoR


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Hi all,


I was wondering if I could get some sage advice on asking for an LoR.  I'm a special education teacher and I'm planning on going for master's in the same field.  I really want to ask my current principal for a recommendation as she has worked closely with me and has a background in Sped.  We haven't, however, ever talked about my future before and I think she assumes I will be staying at the school for sometime (this is only my second year there).  I know she will be disappointed that I'm leaving.  What is the best way to approach her and ask for the rec.?

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Schedule a meeting with her and then open up the conversation about your future goals.  Make it very clear that you have learned a lot from her and have enjoyed your position, but at some point you want to do more.  While yes the possibility of you leaving will be sad, I can't imagine she wouldn't be happy to hear you like the field and want more education in it.

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