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GWU Accepted Student Day


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Elliott School's accepted day is the 17th of April. I'd love to attend but coming in from overseas makes it an expensive trip. So I'd love to hear if the GWU day was worth it as well. Impressions and opinions?

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Thanks! I look forward to reading your comments.

Alright, here goes with some of my impressions of GWU. Overall, I liked it (I've liked pretty much every school except UMD, and I'm going back tomorrow to see if I still feel that way or if it just isn't the place for me).

GWU had a pretty well organized day. Many students and faculty participated, which I think is a good sign when they aren't being paid extra to show at things like this. A lot of the faculty have been with GWU for a long time (20+ years), so I would assume they've been very satisfied teaching there.

The alumni panel was pretty good. They had four alumni who had graduated in the past 4 years. All of them had pretty neat jobs (OMB, Deloitte, State Dept Foreigh Service, SEC). I got the impression that almost everyone works an internship during the school year because classes for the most part are late afternoon or evening. They really appreciated the hands on experience and networking opportunities.

What I liked is that it seems fairly accessible to obtain a research position. I am considering a PhD, and I really want to work with faculty in addition to working on my own projects so that I can get this experience. They have a neat policy journal of student work that provides an opportunity to work with editors and polish up a publishable piece of writing. Several of the faculty are working on higher education policy, which is a big interest of mine. Also good opportunities for health policy.

My only concern was that it is a 40 credit program as opposed to most which are 48 credits. I'm hoping its ok to take more than what is required - I have not asked yet. It looks like you can really beef up on the areas you are most interested in. If I go, I'm hoping to take the more advanced PhD options just in case I apply to those programs so that I can transfer in the credits. They also admitted that they are not good with study abroad or international opportunities. If that's something you want, you might have to work harder to get it on your own (although it seems that the career guy is really helpful and would do his best to assist you).

At this point in my search, Johns Hopkins, GWU, or LSE seem to be rising to the top. I did like GPPI A LOT, but I cannot justify the amount of debt. JHU is great, but I'm not jazzed about Baltimore. This decision just does not get easy.

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