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waitlist versus weightlist

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For those of you who happened to realize that I was misspelling waitlist, I'd like to clear up the record... :oops:

Please feel free to pick the reason that works best for you

1. I'm trying to make everyone feel better about themselves by making everyone feel smarter than me

2. Since my chances are so "slim" in getting in off the waitlist, I decided that there needed to be a new spelling... weightlist just seems to be more appropriate for my chances

3. The stress of being on the waitlist has indeed put weight on me... all those oreos have finally caught up. So, the two are sort of synonymous.

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I pick number 2.

And I thank you; although I didn't notice either.

However, as a frequent misspeller, I will steal your rationale. From this time forward, when corrected, I will reply with "you're welcome," and perhaps a pat of encouragement and/or an encouraging supportive smile. Misspelling is our gift to our fellows, our way of helping others to feel better about themselves, and hone their editing skills.

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