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M.A. Spanish Grad Schools


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So i'm in the process of looking into M.A. Spanish programs and i wanted to know where would be a good place to apply to? i noticed that some schools dont even require a GRE for admissions...

but grad school is pretty much general stuff until your Ph.D right? like its either peninsular literature or latinamerican literature

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It is really hard to say what a "good" place to apply to would be without knowing anything about your qualifications or research interests. My advice would be to do a simple gradschools.com search here http://www.gradschools.com/Subject/Span ... s/364.html

I do not agree that an MA is just general studies until you complete your PhD. Some people get an MA and end their education at that point and do not go on to PhDs. There are some MA programs (SLU for example) that offer generalist MA Spanish degrees, and others (Rutgers, MIIS) that offer very specific and rigorous degrees in translation. Most offer some sort of concentration option in Literature, Linguistics, Peninsular, or Latin American studies.

Hope I helped.

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