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am i doomed?


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Applying for school/ educational psych ph.d  & masters program 

i need at least 3 LoR and I have asked 


1) my lab supervisor where I am working currently as a post-grad intern 

-- not sure whether she is going to write a "strong one" or not...

-- she knows i can do research though 


2) my Resident hall director 

-- I was an RA for more than 3 years & she knows me very well 

-- expecting a strong letter about my work ethic and commitment 

-- yet, no reply from her whether she is going to write me one or not (it's been 2 days.. should i wait longer?) 


3) ???????????? 


-- i was going to ask my psych prof and she said no because she has too many to write and she will be on maternity leave next semester................................... :( 

-- who should i ask? 






1> Political Science professor -- i got an A- in her class which is decent since she is a very strict grader; it was writing-intensive class and i think she knows me fairly well 


2> Math professor -- I was a TA for his classes but its been almost 4 years.... 


3> Chemistry professor -- I was also a TA for his classes and its been almost 4 years..He is probably the one who knows my academic ability the most 


4> Psych Ph.D student -- I received an A in her class and she knows me well too! 






So...to make a long story short, my problem is that there is no Psych Ph.D prof who knows me well because I switched from Physician Assistant program to Psych in my senior year........what should i do? please help me! 

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