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Requirement of TOEFL for PhD


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I might be late to this thread, but I'm gonna weigh in anyway. I've been an international student in the U.S for several years now and I got my B.A degree here last year. Most schools I'm applying to waive the TOEFL requirement due to me receiving my B.A from a U.S institution. I saw that they would also do this as long as your main college's language of instruction is English and you got a degree/transcript to prove it. So check their website for admission requirements for international students - it varies from school to school and you'll never know. Also even if they say they require TOEFL on their website, you can still try emailing them explaining your situation and asking for exception. Both U Penn and U Michigan require TOEFL score even with my B.A, but when I emailed them, U Penn waived it for me but Michigan refused. Long story short, I'm not applying to Michigan anymore.

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