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Should I Switch Careers and do an MS in Health


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Hi, I am looking for some advice on whether this is a good idea (and this is a long post!!..apologies for that)


I completed my Bachelors in Psychology post which I finished a Masters in Social Work. I realised that the MSW degree didnot teach me enough, (I did learn some practical skills though on working with people and communities (particularly poor and improverished)) and so I moved onto a mutidiciplinary field of study, with components of Sociology and Anthropology, and completed an MSc around Globalisation and Sustainability issues from the U.K. Being an international student and with the economy down I wasn't able to find any work opportunities at that time, and so I returned back to India (where I am from)


I then joined an organisation, that worked in a completely different area; economics and program evaluation. I guess the money was good and the job description seemed interesting. However when they offered me the job what I was required to do was completely different from  the job description they had posted. On hindsight I should not have taken the job  and they should not have hired me, since I have no background in economics and I cannot run regressions, which is required if I am to progress in this field.


In anycase I have been in this job, doing almost the same thing, for the past 4 years, and I really want out (it sounds lame of me to have continued with the job, but well circumstances were such that I kinda had to stick around). I gave my GRE last year, and was thinking of going in for a PHD in Political Science or Sociology, since those would possibly have components of quantitative research and econometrics, which If I am skilled in can help me progress in the field of program evaluation.


However I am not sure if I want to be in this field at all, I have probably realised it late, but I think my passion is in the area of nutrition and health communication. I have my own facebook page on health and nutrition related issues, I bore my family to the hilt about healthy food and behavior, I have researched literature and watched all documentaries till date on the food industry and how consumers have to build more awareness etc, and this really fires me up. The catch is that I have no work experience in this area, and I guess I will have to rewind and perhaps start from an MS in Health.


So should I go in for my third MS in Health Promotion? Are 3 MA's an overkill? And I would really like to get a job in this area, would an MS be sufficient for that? I am 29 years old, and I really want to get on with a focussed career within the next 2 years. Most importantly can I get in considering that kind of back ground I have. I dont want my application to give an impression that I am unfocussed since I have been doing different things and I don't have a Science background in my undergrad (I did do science in school though). Additionally what kind of  degree options do I have?


My GRE score is V 155 (66 percentile) Q 154 (57 percentile) AW 4.0

Dunno my GPA averages but as per Indian and UK standards I have two First Class and a Distinction, which is probably not so bad

I have worked on Reproductive and Child health Issues during my MSW degree, but not on nutrition per se



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Yes, three master's degrees are overkill, especially if you already have an MSW.  If you want to transition to health promotion, the best way is to get an entry-level job in the field and learn that way.  Perhaps take a few courses.  Or if you are interested in a PhD, consider getting a PhD or DrPH in public health concentrating in health promotion/health education.

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