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MA in Ling or MS in Comp Sci


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I have a few weeks left till I have to submit my applications and their fees for MAs and PhDs in Linguistics with a concentration in Comp-Ling. And sadly, I just developed cold feet.

I'm an English Language major with a minor in Comp Sci, and for some reason I'm all of a sudden confused as to whether I'll feel more comfortable going into computational linguistics or into computer science.

I like the systematization and mathematical focus that computational linguistics brings to general linguistics, especially for morpho-syntax and semantics. But I also know that I like that machine and pattern-based approach on its own. 

I'm graduating this Spring and hopefully get accepted into a (computational) linguistics program in the States (I'm an international). But now that I'm looking at the local computer science master's programs, I don't know what I really want anymore.

I just have no idea what I'll enjoy more and whether when I'm 30 or 40 (sorry for being a cliched 20-year old) I would be doing/wanting to do more of linguistics, computational linguistics, natural language processing, or algorithm/theory-oriented computer science. 

I crossed this over to the computer science forum.

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