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Using a letter from a different field


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Edit: Using a WRITING SAMPLE from a different field..  :P 


I am a Sociology and Comparative World Literature double major, applying for Comparative World Literature programs. 

I was considering using the beginning of my Sociology honors thesis for my writing sample, would this be a bad idea? We spend the first semester designing the project and conducting literature reviews, applying for IRB, etc, and the second semester actually doing the research. 

I would be submitting an introduction, a literature review, a detailed explanation of research designs, and a conclusion. It shows my potential for and familiarity with research, but it's completely unrelated. 

Any advice would greatly be appreciated, thanks!!

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My girlfriend used her education thesis (common core related) for her English Ph.D. application (she only applied to one program, though a good one), but also included a shorter English paper (she's 18/19th century Brit Lit). They accepted her into the Master's program (which she hadn't applied for), and indicated that her English paper showed potential. So my guess is that if you have a LIt related paper, you'll be better off. Hard to say though - you could try shooting an e-mail to a prof at one of the schools?

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