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  1. That seems possible. If so, you’d think they’d move quicker on sharing award details so people could accept or decline. But then, the portal is like going back more than a decade in Internet design history.
  2. I'm sure the people who make decisions and the people who update the portal are different, so it's possible something go changed on accident - but I hope not the funding part! Congrats!
  3. It's possible they have only two boxes to tick? "Doctoral Candidate" or "Independent Researcher" - or something along those lines? No letter/email on my part, and I'm holding my breath until I get more thorough confirmation - but there is an option in the lefthand menu to accept the award. So... who knows.
  4. I'm already ABD stateside, applying to conduct fieldwork all over (with an affiliation at FU Berlin). My field is political science.
  5. No, I checked the portal. It says funding and there's an option for accepting or rejecting the award, but no letter yet. Thanks!
  6. My application now indicates "Funding." Has anyone else's changed? (US long-term research)
  7. My status now indicates "Funding." Has anyone else's changed? (US long-term research)
  8. That makes sense. I guess I was just a little confused. I had understood the question as something along the lines of: DAAD doesn't require proof of admission to apply and win the scholarship; you received notification of admission, and wanted to alert DAAD in the event that it may matter/expedite their transmission of information to you; DAAD responded that they wanted something more official than the e-mail for this purpose - what do I do? Or have I missed something? In any case, it does sound a little unusual if it's true that you need to show admission to get the award. Which scholars
  9. Ahhh. Could you reach out to the uni and explain this to them? Perhaps they can draft something on letterhead for you.
  10. What is the difference between a letter of acceptance and an admission?
  11. Update: now it's blank. Sigh. I had forgotten how stomachache-inducing this waiting is.
  12. The portal indicates "Selection Made" - though nothing more. (US long-term research) FYI
  13. A 3.6 won't hold you back if all other parts of your application are superior. It's just one metric - don't stress about it. Which is important will vary from school to school, but I think you're fine. And if, as you say, your GPA is better in the later semesters than it was in the earlier, you should have no issue at all.
  14. Sure, but that's no reason, maybe outside of the top-10, for faculty to ignore their future ABDs. The opportunity cost? They stand to lose a lot if their program slips in the rankings because of bad attrition and discontent MA students (who, even if they move on to ABD level, may not perform as well as they otherwise might have because of bad advisement until their 3rd or 4th years). Absolutely the ABD deserve and need more attention. I don't think it's cynical, I was just problematizing it. You seem to have a good idea of what you want and how to do this. If I were in your shoes and
  15. A couple things... 1.) Why did you apply somewhere you wouldn't be happy completing your Ph.D.? I mean this seriously and friendly. I can 100% understand having second thoughts about somewhere you applied, but is there something seriously disconcerting about them? Have they never had an academic placement? 2.) Of course, it is in your interest and any programs' interest for you to be somewhere where you'll be happy and best set up for success. There's nothing wrong with accepting an offer now and looking elsewhere in the meantime, in case it so happens that you'd better fit and be bett
  16. It depends entirely on what you hope to do in grad school. If you're thinking MA programs (governmental affairs, public policy, etc.), then go with the language. If you have any inkling you may want to do a Ph.D., most def. take advantage of the opportunity to write a thesis. It may help you on the job market for think tanks, too.
  17. Also, there are plenty examples of "low GPAs" winning top spots in Ph.D. admissions. Work on all elements of your application.
  18. Your professors will know. Ask them to address it in their letters.
  19. What might also be important, however, is the spread of course grades at CEU. Is B above average? If that's the case, you shouldn't have a problem.
  20. What do you mean? As in ranking vs. placement? I've gathered that institutions place better in the immediate area, but that could be a matter of convenience. Yes re: 2-2 load, as far as I know.
  21. TT R1 anywhere between New England and Virginia. Or (S)LAC in an awesome city with decent enough pay.
  22. Karl Loewenstein's 'Militant Democracy and Fundamental Rights.' It's old, but it's fantastic and illuminating. Also, his name translates to Karl Lionstone. So, that's cool.
  23. I like the term feminist because despite the "rote gender equality" implications, it's also a rich movement spanning centuries now, and to join it in any capacity is, for me, an honor. I take it you don't include too much of either social movements or critical theory in your research (although if the program leans more toward public administration, I can understand that)? Fortunately my broader field can include human rights (and one of my POIs is a rockstar in women's rights as human rights research) - while it is all very new to me, there is a lot of room for me to include it. Equality-
  24. Don't forget that male feminists do exist too! And I might suggest (in the spirit of the third wave) that we widen the target group to be human beings - because as I see it (and please correct me if I'm wrong! I'm newly awakened) feminism is in part a movement to liberate women (and the LGBTQ community, and men - though the latter is less an issue of institutional injustice) from the societal constructs of gender (which, of course, returns to choice).
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