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  1. Now, If I can ask which are your dates of the intership?
  2. Hi! did you get the letter attached in a message at the portal? Finally, my portal says funding but I don't see where is the letter
  3. Well, all here in that sense is speculation because there are still no guidelines for that, but saying that the German Embassy says that they will open on May 15th, most of the unis are conducting this semester online but some activities are being held face-to-face. Students are not the same of tourist as you're going to live in a place where you can do quarantine and so on, and you need a visa or a permit to be there so is easier to control, but again this is an assumption.
  4. Of course, DAAD is an organization that gives funding to students over the world, is not a University, if the university starts (dates and so on could be diferent from uni to uni state to state) the DAAD just give the funding, and thats it, is not labor of the DAAD to determine that. If the german goverment open borders and the Unis starts you will be going thats it.
  5. Yes exactly, there could be some restrictions to tourism, but even face to face delayed test (last winter semester) and some laboratories are going to be held starting this Monday, at least at my Uni.
  6. The space in blank means that its going to be a change in your application soon, this could lead to rejection or funding, normally I have seen that when is funding takes longer, so the most probally is that this is a good sign, but as everything with the DAAD nothing is a exact science haha
  7. Hi people, those of you who received the DAAD EPOS how much time passed since you upload the application to the portal to receive the award letter and all the documentation? Thanks, stay safe!
  8. Hi Carlos, I applied too for the EPOS they contacted me last week to send all the documents to the platform, seem I got it? Haha, I think later I may have some questions, any tips?
  9. Hello people, Any news about the EPOS Scholarship (Uni Stuttgart) IUSD program? they been silent for months, on the DAAD website they say that they will countinue the process for the winter term.
  10. Because the Caribbean is indeed Latin America
  11. I did met a person that went from preselection to funding, and other that went from paper copies received to funding, the application status means literally nothing.
  12. What type of scholarship did you apply to?
  13. Congrats! yes, it means that you got it, to which scholarship did you applied?
  14. I asked them and they said that the committee meeting was in Feb and the results will be given at the end of March, so we will have to wait like a month more haha
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