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Submitting a shorter writing sample than the required length?


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Hi all,


I'm in the process of applying for MA programs in Film/media studies, and while all other programs require 10-15 page writing samples, I have ONE program that asks for 15-25. As of now, I spent all this time almost re-writing a shorter paper I wrote, and it came out to be 11 pages long (13 with works citied)

Would there be any chance of getting in with a shorter writing sample? Or do you recommend lengthening the paper out to 15 pages? To be honest, I hardly think it's possible given that the deadline is 15th... 


Please help! Thanks

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While I don't know what will/wont work for the adcomm or what advice to give you in that regard..


I can say that if you can't crank out a 15 page paper about Unicorn Mating Habits in 8 days that is well researched, written, and considered.. then you're going to struggle in grad school. Especially a program that's paper/analysis heavy (which is most of them.)


You have to write less than 2 pages a day to make the deadline.

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Is there any indication that it's "recommended"? There's a difference between a recommendation and a requirement. If it's simply recommended, and your 11 (13) page paper is really exceptional (in your opinion) and representative of your capabilities, then that's your best bet.

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For me the long cover letter does not make sense we must have to write and some sweet letter which will reach very soon to others.resume reviews blog which will help you how to write resume and cover letters.

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