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My program starts in May, so I have to move in the next couple weeks. Today is my last day at work. I really love my job and the people I work with (I know, it's easy to say that when you know you're leaving...), and this is much harder than I had imagined. I'm close to tears. I actually feel sick to my stomach. Anyone else anticipating a difficult time leaving your current life behind?

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My situation is a move from a very large city to a moderately large town so I sincerely understand and am relating to the aprehension you feel. Although elated with the program to which I decided on I'm terrified about the process of adjusting &, in particular, how long I know i'll take to adjust [i know myself. In random situations I will have subpar adjustment skills].

Originally planning on an August move I only one hour ago came to read a request from my DGS that I begin my summer research in July. Don't get me wrong as I want this... nonetheless, yes, like you, I am finding this harder to handle than I had expected.

Your not alone flatcoat.

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It's never easy to start over again. But rest assured, this is easier than being tossed into a brand new city and brand new job. At least you'll have your incoming class as a fellow cohort :D

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