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Urgent help before F-1 visa interview

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My current situation is that I have my visa interview beginning of next week. I have filled in all documents and paid all fees.

My problem is that I had a speeding fine and, in my country, you have to appear in court for them to tell you how much you have to pay and if they will keep your driving license for 1 or 2 weeks. This is my first time ever getting a fine or speeding ticket and am a bit confused as I hope it will not have an impact on my F-1 visa application...

Do I need to mention this on my visa application?

Thank you for your advice,


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I'm not sure about the F-1, but for most visas, they ask about felony convictions. Any traffic citations or minor infractions aren't considered. So no, I wouldn't mention it if I were you. If it helps you sleep better, you could always call the consulate or embassy ahead of time and ask. Especially if you remain anonymous, you've got nothing to worry about.

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I would second that -- a speeding violation isn't a big deal. If your visa interview is going well and you seem to have a good rapport with your interviewer, you might want to just mention it. I wouldn't really worry too much. Otherwise just take portugabel's advice and ask the embassy beforehand

edit: by which I mean snowden's advice

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