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Anyone have any good advice for URTA???


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I'm currently in the midst of waiting on hearing back from URTA in regards to what potential schools want to interview me for their Stage Management programs. I've had my undergrad degree for several years now, and am honestly out of practice in regards to this whole application process.  If anyone out there has some good advice in regards to how to approach what is to come?  I'm kind of flying blind at the moment and having mini meltdowns every other day as my interview date (February 1st) grows closer and closer.


Thank you in advance!

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Get your talking points and attire together. Pack a show bible along with resume, etc.

Once you know the details of your interviews map out the hotels. If I recall correctly the SM folks go from hotel to hotel for appointments.

Reach out to any program you might be interested in. You might get added to their list just by introducing yourself.

You're what , Chicago? It's going to be cold. Be ready with professional attire and layers. Inside it's ghastly hot once you've been outside.

Look at schools not attending URTA too. URTA is not the be all end all - only a small group gets their position via URTA.

My experience: designer who showed at URTA and was selected for interviews all day, to the point of having to "group" interview schools because I ran out of time slots.

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Maybe I'm confusing SM with directing? Maybe you sit in the speed date round with designers. I forget. Regardless, my directing friend got stuck when asked about the future direction of American theater. So keep that sort of thing in mind.

Keep your final destination in mind. Regional? Educational? Rep? Broadway? Know which you want. Some schools can get you there, some can't, and some will say they can but with no real connections.

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Also, even in URTA schools not every school does New York, Chicago, and LA. Some do two, some just one. You're not "out" - u just have to do it outside URTA. Also they don't send reps for all emphasizes. So you may talk to a costume, scenic, etc... designer, or not at all. Doesn't mean you're out, just you need to do it the old fashioned way.

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