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Do I have a chance?


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I am looking for some honest opinions.  I am applying to a PhD program in Social Policy.  Below is my profile:


Undergrad:  3.65 GPA.  Major - Social Work, Minor - Psychology.  Dean's list 7 out of 8 semesters.  2 honors societies.  Graduated Magna Cum Laude.

Law School:  2.81 GPA - I know, not great.  However, my law school has a horrible grading curve (2.7!).  For what it's worth, I made Dean's List 2 of the 3 years.  I also had 2 great internships and did a year-long clinic.


GRE:  V - 1.59 (81%); Q - 149 (37%) (I know, I suck at math!); AW - 4.5 (78%).

Work experience:  Over 5 years experience as an attorney working in law and policy.  Currently working for federal government.


Research experience:  Conducted 2 independent studies (1 with funding) in undergrad.  Recently authored 445-page policy report that has gained international attention.  Also authored several articles for professional journals.


LORs:  3 LORs - former social work professor, former law school professor, current supervisor.


SOP:  I think it's pretty good :)


Do I have a chance???

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You need to get that quant up, especially for a PhD, you need at least a 155 (and that is if everything else is perfect) I recommend at least a 160 or above and your verbal needs to be higher if you are arguing the i suck at math but Im great at analytical

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I think the quantitative score will be tough - do you have a list of programs you applied to? Chances are they all emphasize empirical work and quantitative techniques. What's motivating your search for a PhD in social policy?

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