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Io psychology psychology application to University at at Albany Suny.


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Hello Everyone.

is there any ma I/o student currently at University at Albany, SUNY?

I'm currently applying for a masters degree at University at Albany SUNY. I am concerned howvever about my GPA ( overall 3.38, psychology major 3.5) and if it would be good enough to get in with. I am yet to take the GRE exam and I hope I ace it since my GPA's not competitive enough. let me know your thoughts on this. thanks.

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Hello Msmisan -


I am a current M.A. student in UAlbany's I/O psychology program. As a general rule with any graduate program, GPA and GRE scores are important, but only to a certain extent. Applicants do not need to have near perfect GPAs or GREs to be competitive as it is the entire application that gets reviewed. Most admissions decisions are based on more than GPA and GRE scores. Letters of recommendation, research experience, and other factors are also considered. I would not be too concerned about your GPA as it is fairly strong. If it makes you feel any better, my roommate who is also in the program had an undergraduate GPA of about a 3.4 so I would think yours would be fine. Focus on studying for the GREs and the other parts of your application. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me! 

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Hey Nick,


Thanks so much for your reply! :)


By the way, I was wondering if Baruch Cuny is also a good school to apply to for the I/O program. I have run out of a lot of options since most of the deadlines are closed.

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Okay. I might apply there as well.


Concerning my interests, I'm more intrigued about the "O" side of I/O. I'm interested in designing and structuring the workplace in a way that would not only be highly productive for the organizations but would also make a significant impact on the life of the individual as well. I'd likely focus more on Organizational Development, Quality of Work Life and Human Factors aspects of I/O.


What area are you interested in?

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