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Why do schools usually arrange the interview on Friday?

Charlie Song

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Until now, I applied schools with 1 rejection, 3 interviews and 9 without feedback yet, including some schools I really want to go.

Since the date of interview is fixed, I do not know what I can do if the conflict occurs.

I think I have more schools inviting me to interview in Feb. (I already have two)


Here are schools I want to go, but still waiting for replies.

University of Chicago, Molecular Biosciences, Committee on Development, Regeneration, and Stem Cell Biology (DRSB)

(I emailed them and they told me most application are still in review)


Baylor College of Medicine, Developmental Biology


Tufts, Cell, Sackler School, molecular and developmental biology


Ohio State, Cell, molecular and developmental biology
Does anyone know the potential dates of the interview by these schools?
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