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Please evaluate Profile Fall 2014 MS CS 321(Q 162, V 159, AWA 4.5)


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Hello, i applied for Fall 2014 MS CS,
My Profile:
International undergrad computer science student(NIT, Durgapur, WB, India)- complete by june 6th 2014
CGPA: 7.65
Toefl: 113
GRE: 159V / 162Q / 4.5 AW (321)
Research experience: 2 different projects, Internship 2 months on HCi in IIT Kharagpur.
Areas of Interest are: HCI, Artificial Intelligence, Systems
My Applied Universities List:
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Georgia Institute of Technology
U Southern California
UC Irvine
Ohio State U
Texas A&M U, College Station
Arizona State U
U Minnesota, Twin Cities
Indiana University Bloomington
Vanderbilt U
Considering to apply NEU and another one university(UTD) in Feb depending on the decisions i may get in above applied universities,
IS Applying to more than 12 universities will cause a problem at VI
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Why do you want your profile evaluated if you have already applied?

I am thinking my applied list is very ambitious to my profile applying to 2 more universities (NEU, UTD) will be safe? for them dead lines are March 15th and May 1st. For seniors opinion i want to evaluate my applied list with respect to my profile.


Before applying to NEU, UTD i want to wait 2 to 4 weeks, hoping of any one admit from my applied list, then there is no need to apply NEU and UTD, if i got rejects from my safe universities (ASU, IUB) then considering to apply NEU and UTD


I want to give a shot to all my dream universities so applied to very ambitious universities also

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