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Should I email her?


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Good evening guys,


So last year (around october), while I was reaching out to professors conducting research in the area I am interested, I found this one professor who works at a top tier school doing research in what I would greatly enjoy being involved with. I sent her an email and -- surprisingly -- got a very fast and friendly response. We exchanged a couple emails back then, she sent me some papers for me to see if I really am interested in her research and asked me to follow up with her.


Well, this school is very competitive, so I although I had a good connection with her, I was leaning towards not applying, just because I knew it would be statistically close to impossible for me to get in. Well, I kept applying to my other schools, but one day I noticed that one of her current PhD students had checked out my linkedin profile. I was like "woah, they might be talking about me, so the professor still remembers who I am," so based on that (don't judge me), I decided to go ahead and apply to this program.


Shortly after my application submission, I emailed her saying "hi, I've just applied, and I am following up as you asked me to." And she replied in the same day: great, thanks for following up, I will schedule a skype interview in January once I've had the chance to review your application.


My question: Ok, it's January 20th and I haven't heard from her, should I email her? If so, what should I say? How would I approach her?


Thanks for your help! I appreciate it. :)

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It is still January, and this is on the early end for application reviews. I'd trust her to follow through as she said she would, assuming she likes your application and wants to follow through. Maybe send an email on the 27th, since that is the last week of January to the effect of "hi, have you had a chance to review my application yet and are you still interested in scheduling a skype interview?"

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had the same situation with a POI.  But that was in August before i even applied. I think you should email her  around the 27th  and ask if she is istill nterested in scheduling a skype call with you. You have nothing to lose.

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I would give her until the 21st. This is illogical logic, but if you e-mail her today, it seems desperate and she could just be behind with other obligations in her life. The 27th seems a little too long to wait. This is because, if the interview slipped her mind, she'll probably wonder why you did not say something sooner. I say this because, after working with three research advisors and my academic advisor, many professors are forgetful and need polite reminders to do things. I prefer sticky notes on the computer. Haha. It's always, "Oh shit, did I forget to order that. Well, I guess we won't be getting that data today." 

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