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Contacting Professors at Prospective University

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I've been narrowing my choices for both PhD and MA programs for application season Fall 2015, and I would really like to get in contact with a couple of professors at a couple schools to find out more about their program. Is this acceptable practice? If it is, what would I even say to not sound like a stalker?



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This can be a very controversial topic, at least as far as whether this is useful for your application or not. If you search around here I'm sure you'll find multiple perspectives. Since you've framed it in terms of getting more info: sure. Send a respectful email, identify yourself as a potential applicant, and ask the relevant questions that occur to you. Just make sure the professor is the best resource. Don't ask an individual prof to give you information that would be accessible via the website, the DGS, or the graduate assistant for that department.

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My professors recommended contacting the graduate program coordinators (or whoever the department recommends sending questions to) and asking them questions about research fit/the program in general. They will direct you to specific professors or even contact the professors on your behalf. In my case, the graduate secretary decided my qs would be better addressed by Superstar Professor, and put me in contact with said professor. :)

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