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  1. I want a bag like this. Where I'm going, it's going to be really rainy, so my Fossil leather satchel won't be as practical as it has been here in the desert. I will also have an office, which means I can have different bags for different things (i.e., a teaching bag and a school bag), or even leave some of my things in my office and not have to carry everything at once--although I think this bag would do a pretty good job of that anyway.
  2. Well, Boulder finally notified me. It's a good thing I wasn't actually waiting on them any more... Go Oregon Ducks!
  3. University of Oregon! CANNOT WAIT TO MOVE TO OREGON agh. These NM dust storms are driving me mad.
  4. French fries, sea salt and vinegar potato chips, coffee heath crunch Ben & Jerrys
  5. Just turned down a fully funded spot at University of Florida. It was a HARD decision, but I hope this helps someone else out!
  6. Differance--it isn't a typo, it's the foundation of a theoretical perspective on language
  7. I haven't heard a peep, either. I doubt we'll hear before the 15th.
  8. I think I would pass out if Judith Butler called me. The phone call was awesome, which means my decision keeps getting more complicated because both places keep giving me more and more reasons to love them. There are low points about each place, too, but it's going to be a tough call.
  9. That's exactly how I feel about U Oregon and U Florida.
  10. So, what do you all think of the location? I've never been to Florida (will be visiting next week) and because I'm coming from a small town with nothing to do (I mean, less than 20,000 residents), I am petrified of ending up in another small town with nothing to do. It looks like a pretty cool place, but it is hard to tell online.
  11. U Florida. They have Pamela Gilbert (who is actually going to call and chat with me today -- when did my life get so interesting?).
  12. I hope it helps you! Although I'm pretty sure they've given out all of the funding they're willing to this year. It sort of breaks my heart, because I would have dropped my other schools in a heartbeat if the offer was funded. Seattle sounds amazing. I'll just console myself with the thought that I might get the chance to teach there one day (however unlikely that is).
  13. Hah. This. It would help if she didn't believe all of the denominations other than her own are wrong (my mother might be the female Mel Gibson, actually).
  14. "Why are you even doing a Phd? How is it relevant? How can you serve the Lord with a PhD in Victorian Literature?" --my mother I got into three schools, two with full funding/fellowships, and this is the response I get. ...sometimes, I just want to cry. I'm the first person in my family to pursue a PhD, but clearly that's irrelevant to my increasingly fanatic-religious mother. The only way she will ever be happy with me is if I settle down, pop out a few kids, and read every single sermon she emails me (which is 10+ a week, people, not even exaggerating).
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